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Zero Technical or Programming Skills Needed Stay Completely Anonymous - No Need For Expensive VPNs

Industry Accolades

Zero Trace is the frequent recipient of industry awards and recognized as a leader in cybersecurity by independent testing organizations and industry analyst firms.

April 2022 – New Technological Advancement

Cybersecurity Experts Have Finally Found A Solution To Tor’s Vulnerabilities

Are You still using Tor Browser and a VPN? STOP! You already know you could expose yourself with one wrong click. Why leave it to chance?


Cybersecurity experts are redefining what achieving true anonymity really requires.


No longer are the days where you can easily expose your IP address with activities performed outside of the Tor Browser, or expose your identity by downloading and opening files. These vulnerabilities have finally been patched, as well as  several other flaws. 


You can now stop worrying about Windows & macOS logging your activities for “development purposes.” As well as 3rd parties from recovering your deleted data.


Cease the paranoia and start focusing on the task at hand!


That Is Why We Created…

The Zero Trace Pen is an all-in-one utility flash drive with everything you need to stay anonymous.


Fitting conveniently in your pocket, it’s one of the only products that grant you bulletproof anonymity on-the-go. You can harness the full potential of the Tor network on any computer from the USB port.

Tools For Every Operation

Choose between 40+ tools for every kind of white and black hat operation.


The Zero Trace Pen provides a huge arsenal of tools, utilities and libraries that cybersecurity professionals can use to keep their privacy and anonymity secure. From information gathering to the final report. The Zero Trace Pen encrypts ALL your internet connections through 3 decentralized relays by default.

Explore over 40+ privacy tools

What Are You Waiting For?

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System Security

The system is designed from the ground up to be secure. Native support for full disk encryption, blazing fast security updates and a hardened debian core makes the system the perfect place to store sensitive data.

Powered By VeraCrypt


Don't leave your sensitive data floating around unprotected. The pen supports full disk encryption, and the system lets you handle data in the most secure and reliable way. The Zero Trace Pen is free from trackers and telemetry "features", and it provides many privacy tools like a double kill switch, Tor Firewall, MAC address spoofer, easy cryptographic tools and much more.


The Zero Trace Pen is based on top of Debian, the most advanced and recognized universal operating system that can run anywhere. From your laptop to your desktop, the pen core can be used in a huge range of environments. Equipped with a cold storage cryptocurrency wallet, you can access your assets safely and anonymously.


Perfect default settings and great customizability are key to the success of the project. You can either fall in love with the minimalistic style of the Zero Trace Pen system, or use it as a framework to build your custom system tailored around your very own needs and style. Install any application you require and take full advantage of the Tor powered ecosystem.


We care about speed, and the system has been engineered to be as lightweight as possible. You can run it on very old hardware, or perform very intensive tasks without performance drops. Your applications will be free to use all your hardware resources.


The source code is accessible to all members , and all the code that powers the system is made available either through our APT software repository or our GIT servers for you to read and customize. Exclusive access to the code that runs on your devices is a fundamental freedom, and we do our best to fight for your rights.

Privacy tools at your fingertips

You can install your favorite tools on top of any Linux system, but it is time-comsuming, prone to errors and hard to keep updated over time. The Zero Trace Pen gives you the convenience of a familiar desktop environment with all the tools you will ever need. We regularly update, test and pack them for you.

Having a bunch of .zip and .rar files thrown at your desktop is something of the past. We do the hard work, not you.

Communication Encryption

Cryptocurrency Asset Management

Ciphered Mobile Storage

Frequent Firmware Updates

Automatic Purging Protocols​

Full Root Admin Access

Avoid Surveillance

The Zero Trace Pen prevents others from spying on your internet activities and learning what you are doing online. By using the Zero Trace Pen you prevent any website you visit, from learning where and who you are.


Absolutely everything you do from within the Zero Trace Pen is FORCED via the Tor network. This includes all pre-installed applications as well.

Watch to learn how your current Tor (& VPN) set up is vulnerable.

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*96% of customers order 2 Pens (Our Recommended Option)​

Real Life Users.
Real Life-Changing Solutions.

Lionel spoofed his desktop's IP address & hardware...

“Every website that I am going into is giving me a different IP address…It’s not juts masquerading my IP but it is encrypting it via three different relays. Also, you don’t have to worry about shutting down – once you pull out the pen, everything shut’s down and goes back to normal.”


  Lionel Odelana 

Michele achieved complete anonymity...

“Dark.fail works just fine on the Zero Trace Pen…it’s one of my favorite places to get the dark web links…the Zero Trace Pen keeps be completely anonymous (tested on Whoer.net)…Protonmail is very compatible with the Pen.”


   Michele De Martino

Amy secured her Bitcoin in an encrypted wallet...

“Looks like your normal everyday pen…but’s so much more than a pen…when you plug it in to your computer you achieve ultimate privacy…if you are doing things on the dark web and don’t want to be tracked then this is what you need.”


   Amy Polack

Tony surfed the dark web without leaving a trace...

“This product is amazing for remaining secure when browsing the internet…the Zero Trace Pen does not run from your regular operating system…I browsed the internet and dark web completely secure. “


   Tony Magiar

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Frequently Asked Questions

We do not log any of your activity that you do online. Due to the decentralized nature of the platform and the infrastructure being based on the Tor network, it is impossible for us to know anything about the usage of your Zero Trace Pen. We have no information to provide any third-parties due to the fact that we simply do not keep a log of any data on our servers. All customer data provided during purchase is purged periodically and is inaccessible by any requesting party.

Zero Trace gives you access to more than 7,000 relays. Organizations running relays include universities like the MIT, activist groups like Riseup, nonprofits like Derechos Digitales, Internet hosting companies like Private Internet Access, etc. The huge diversity of people and organizations running relays makes it more secure and more sustainable.

If you ordered from eBay or Amazon. Please follow the instructions provided in your package.

Shoot us a message on here with your order number and we will get you access ASAP.

You will have no problems passing TSA with the Zero Trace Pen. No one will even consider the fact that it’s nothing but a pen. We here at Zero Trace, travel with our personal pens constantly and have never faced any issue.

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