Google’s Privacy Policy Is Flawed

Google's Global Anti-Privacy Push: An Investigative Report Google's public stance appears to be in favor of protecting user privacy, with its CEO ...

Why You Shouldn’t Use A Free Proxy

Recently I have noticed, using a free proxy has become quite a popular way of accessing restricted websites. However, using these types of servers ...

How To Make Your Phone Impossible To Track Using Stylometry

Today we will be teaching you how to make your phone impossible to track using stylometry. Now most people will resolve to downloading VPN apps, Tor ...

Does Incognito Mode Keep My Browsing Private?

Why browsing in an incognito mode isn’t truly privateSome web browsers that offer private browsing come with a statement that explains why using the ...

When You Delete A File Is It Really Gone Forever?

What Happens When You Delete a FileWindows (and other operating systems) keep track of where files are on a hard drive through “pointers.” Each file ...

Is Using A VPN Is Enough To Keep Me Anonymous?

The truth is that if you do something heinous enough on the net, someone will want to get you badly enough that no VPN is going to stop them. With ...

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