Why You Shouldn’t Use A Free Proxy

Recently I have noticed, using a free proxy has become quite a popular way of accessing restricted websites. However, using these types of servers comes with its fair share of risks. I believe everyone should understand why you can’t trust them as a reliable method for browsing the web safely.

free proxy danger

The Risks of Using A Free Proxy

One of the significant dangers is that many of them are run by malicious actors. Cybercriminals exploit unsuspecting users for their illegal activities, leaving them prone to identity theft and other online crimes. Additionally all of the free proxies I’ve come across lack privacy features. This means the data passing through them is accessible to others.

How A Free Proxy Can Compromise Your Privacy and Security

I don’t use free proxies because they lack the necessary features to ensure your online activities are secure. They keep logs of users’ browsing habits or personal information, which can expose private information. Using free proxies with low-quality connections renders your passwords vulnerable due to prolonged exposure. As a result, if my privacy is at stake I will always resort to using a Zero Trace Pen.

Free Proxy Backdoors

Free proxies are often used as backdoors for viruses and malware. Cybercriminals often exploit these servers as a means of delivering harmful software onto unsuspecting users’ devices. This means your personal data sent through the proxy server can fall into the wrong hands.

Better Alternatives to Using Free Proxies

While free proxies offer a tempting option to access restricted sites, there are better alternatives. One alternative is the Zero Trace Pen. It encrypts all your internet data and routes it through the Tor network. Another alternative is paying for proxies offering better security features, such as encryption and authentication.

Free proxies expose you to many risks that outweigh any potential benefits. Prioritize your online security by investing in a trusted privacy tool or paid service that offers better security features. Free services expose you to way too many vulnerabilities. Remember, it’s better to pay now than later. You don’t want to pay the price when your data gets stolen or your computer gets infected.

Stay Safe,

Kevin and the Zero Trace Team

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