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Zero Trace Phone: All-in-One Tor Network Anonymous Phone + Anti-Surveillance Toolkit

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Zero Trace Phone is an all-in-one smartphone with everything you need to stay anonymous. Being completely portable, you can utilize the Tor network from anywhere, anonymously from the Zero Trace Phone.  (Clearnet | Dark Web | Darknet | Deep Web Compatible)

    • 5 Years Of Security Updates
    • Pre-installed Privacy Apps
    • Built-In MAC Address Spoofer
    • Deadman’s Switch (Emergency Factory Reset Protocol)
    • Penetration Testing Toolkit
    • ZT PRO Support


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  • Privacy Features
  • Tech Specs

Important Reminder

When you purchase a Zero Trace device – you are not just buying state-of-the-art privacy hardware, but also access to a global community of like-minded individuals striving to acquire the uttermost privacy. We provide our members with advanced education and mentoring from cybersecurity experts.

Zero Trace Phone

Zero Trace is an all-in-one smartphone with everything you need to stay anonymous. Being completely portable, you can utilize the Tor network from anywhere, anonymously from the Zero Trace Phone. 

What Is The Zero Trace Phone?

Everything you do on your typical smartphone is being tracked by the big four – Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple – this is aside from all the data collected by your phone carrier. Our Zero Trace Phone runs an OS (based on Android) completely independent from Google and Apple.  Additionally, encryption happens at the operating system level. This means you can run applications with omniscient control over what device permissions they can access and browse the internet with complete anonymity.

Q – Why not just use a regular iPhone/Android with a burner sim card and just be extra careful?

A – They can easily access your phone’s data with a simple Gmail or iCloud subpoena.

How Does Gmail/iCloud Tracking Work?

Every stock Android phone requires a Google Account to download apps from the Google Play Store. Even if the apps weren’t acquired through the Play Store, they almost always require the background processing of Google Play Services. The same goes for iPhones when downloading apps from the App Store and utilizing phone features that require iCloud services. Both these processes gather loads of personal data from you and can be accessed by 3rd parties.

Google Play Services

Almost every app downloaded from the Play Store uses Google Play Services "to function properly." These processes cannot be disabled on your typical android phone.
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While your iPhone's local data maybe secure while under your possesion, your iCloud data is not. iCloud services such as Cloud Backups, Find My Phone, Apple Pay and others will be obtained by Government agencies when requested.
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How Is Zero Trace Any Safer?

Everything you do from within the Zero Trace Phone is FORCED via 3 Tor relays (and/or VPN). This means if you accidentally click outside the Tor Browser and open another app – you will be completely safe and anonymized.

The Zero Trace Phone randomly assigns your smartphone a new MAC address every time you use the internet. Android applications that request your device’s hardware info will not be able to identify you.

The Zero Trace Phone supports per-connection MAC randomization and enables it by default. This is a more private approach than the standard persistent per-network random MAC used by modern Android.   When the per-connection MAC randomization added by Zero Trace is being used, DHCP client state is flushed before reconnecting to a network to avoid revealing that it’s likely the same device as before.  

Wi-Fi on the Zero Trace Phone is very privacy-friendly and is essentially anonymous as long as apps do not leak uniquely identifying information to the network. The Zero Trace Phone avoids allowing itself to be fingerprinted as a privacy-modified smartphone.

Mask Your Identity

The Zero Trace Phone prevents others from spying on your internet activities and learning what you are doing online. By using the Zero Trace Phone you prevent any website or app you use, from learning where and who you are.

Absolutely everything you do from within the Zero Trace Phone is FORCED via the Tor network. This includes all pre-installed applications as well.

You will be able to manage a social media account entirely through the Zero Trace Phone. If you only access them from the Phone, they cannot be traced to you.  You will also be able to store documents and images related to your different identities all via the preinstalled applications. Keep your passwords in Bitwarden and have a dedicated email account in K-9 Mail, etc.

Prevent Stingray Attacks

The Zero Trace Phone is equipped with a counter-surveillance feature that identifies what type of cell tower connection your phone is currently using. 

Many cell phone networks are currently upgrading to 5G networks. While a pure 5G connection is protected against interception (stingray attacks). Many carriers are also using a hybrid signal that utilizes 4G and 5G technology. This is known as 5G NSA (Non-Standalone) mode and does not provide protection against stingrays. While connected, your phone will appear to be using 5G while still using an insecure signal.

The Zero Trace Phone will let you know when you’re using a pure 5G (Stingray-proof) connection, and when you’re not.

Stingray is the generic name for an electronic surveillance tool that simulates a cell phone tower in order to force mobile phones and other devices to connect to it instead of to a legitimate cell tower. In doing so, the phone or other device reveals information about itself and its user to the operator of the stingray. Other common names for the tool are “cell-site simulator” and “IMSI catcher.”

Signal & Sensor Jammer

The Zero Trace Phone is equipped with three types of jammers; ultrasonic, internet and sensors.

Not only can you selectively block individual apps from using your phone’s mic or connecting to the internet; but you can also proactively emit a noise-canceling sound that disarms nearby ultrasonic tracking beacons and feed dummy data to any person or app listening.
Ultrasound cross-device tracking (uXDT), is a new technology that started being deployed in modern-day advertising platforms around 2014. uXDT relies on adversaries hiding ultrasounds within media (ads, music, video, etc.)  When the media plays on a TV or radio, or some ad code runs on a mobile or computer, it emits ultrasounds that get picked up by the microphone of nearby laptops, desktops, tablets or smartphones.

These second-stage devices, who silently listen in the background, will interpret these ultrasounds, which contain hidden instructions, telling them to ping back to the server with details such as the user’s IP address, geo-location coordinates, telephone number, IMEI code, and device MAC address.

Aside from the signal jammers, the Zero Trace Phone also enables you to disable an app’s permission from using the accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, barometer, thermometer and any other sensors present on a given device. When access is disabled, apps receive zeroed data when they check for sensor values and don’t receive events.

Emergency Factory Reset

We have also implemented emergency purging protocols that are triggered by either typing an alternate passcode (lockscreen) or by manually pressing a disguised shortcut. Need to remotely wipe your device? No problem. You can also configure a deadman’s switch or secret notification code to trigger an automatic factory reset remotely.

Alternate Passcode

Someone forcing you to unlock your phone? Type in an alternate passcode in your lockscreen and automatially trigger a factory reset.

Disguised Shortcut

Have your Zero Trace Phone reset the second you press a designated shortcut. This shortcut can be disguised as a fake messaging app or the airplane mode toggle.

Deadman's Switch

Touchless factory reset protocol that gets triggered when you haven't unlocked your Zero Trace Phone after X amount of days.

Secret Notification Code

Trigger a factory reset by texting your Zero Trace Phone a secret code. No service? Sending yourself ANY type of notification containing the secret code will work as well.

Will Reseting Delete All Evidence?

When you perform a factory reset using one of our emergency panic protocols, your Zero Trace Phone will erase all of our pre-installed apps and configurations. This is for your own safety in order to disassociate you from any Tor usage. Your device will revert to a stock android installation, providing you strong plausible deniability. 

Utilize From Anywhere

The Zero Trace Phone works internationally with any mobile carrier (Physical sim card & eSim compatible). It is recommended you use a prepaid mobile plan to add an extra layer of anonymity. We outline several ways you can easily purchase a phone plan anonymously, in-person (physical sim) & online (eSim) within the Zero Trace Phone portal.

Need us to do the shopping for you? Don’t worry, we got you covered. We can ship your Zero Trace Phone alongside a pre-paid sim and refill card, simply add this option at checkout. 

Provider Partners:

Digital Security Suite

The Zero Trace Pen includes premium applications to open sensitive documents,
communicate securely & perform penetration testing.

Tor is a special browser that hides your IP Address and location every time you visit a website. This is extremely important if you need your browsing to remain anonymous

The Unstoppable wallet will come incredibly handy when conducting business with cryptocurrency. Due to the fact that the Unstoppable wallet is running on the Zero Trace phone, it means all connections are sent via the Tor Network. This means your transactions will remain private.

K-9 Mail is a program that offers a range of privacy options for all of your email needs. You can use it to login to almost any of the popular email providers with complete anonymity. Thanks to Zero Trace, all of K-9 Mail’s activity will be sent through the Tor Network. 

Collabora Office is a Microsoft Office compatible suite of apps for creating and opening text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. This is a great tool if you plan on downloading and viewing eBooks, guides, tutorials, and other sensitive documents.

Element is an instant messaging client implementing the Matrix protocol. Element supports end-to-end encryption, groups and sharing of files between users. Like XMPP, you can create your own server as well as create bridges over to Telegram, WhatsApp & more. Chat with whomever you need to privately and anonymously. 

APK Unlocker

Unlock Any Android App

We have incorporated one of the most effective APK auditing tools into the Zero Trace Phone. With this tool you will be able to unlock any Android app with ease. Activate any paid feature or remove ads from any app for free.

Security Protocols

  1. Applications are blocked automaticallyif they try to connect to the Internet without Tor or decentralized VPN.
  2. Everything saved on the Zero Trace Phone is encrypted automatically via Android File-Based Encryption (FBE).
  3. Equipped with 4 emergency factory reset protocols, the Zero Trace Phone’s can be deleted automatically at a moment’s notice.

Non-Custodial Cryptocurrency Storage

We created an ecosystem that lets you simply manage, secure and control your crypto assets.

When you own crypto, what you really own is a private key – this key gives you access to your coins. You should be the only one in control of this key & you also need to secure it. The Zero Trace Phone offers the best level of protection and control: our hardware wallet is the best way to secure your funds while giving you the freedom to manage everything on your own.

Your private key always remains protected in the hardware wallet – in a certified secure chip. Nobody can access it except you. Combined with Unstoppable, everything about crypto is made simple and secure: buy, send, receive digital assets (including NFTs) with one-single app.

Brief Overview Of Unstoppable

Sleek & Sophisticated

The Zero Trace Phone gets it’s competitive edge from the hardware and operating system configuration we provide. We keep it light and fast, with no bloatware.

Multilingual Support

When starting the Zero Trace Phone, you can choose between a large number of languages including:

Arabic – Azerbaijani – Catalan – Czech – Welsh – Danish – German – Greek – English – Spanish – Persian – Italian – Japanese – Khmer – Korean -Latvian – Bokmal – Dutch – Polish – Portuguese – Russian – Slovak – Slovene – Albanian – Serbian – Swedish – Turkish – Ukrainian – Chinese

Additionally, each language setting comes with it’s own corresponding layout!

Included Bonuses

Telegram Support Hotline

Online support with a direct telegram hotline for questions and help with setup.

Monthly Updates

Receive all future security updates for 5 years - directly on your phone.

Video Tutorials

Access to members only area with video tutorials and exclusive content.

New Methods

Access to all future guides and tutorials created by the team.

News Updates

Access to newsletter and broadcast with the latest news and online privacy updates.

Business Resources

Gain access to new business resources every week! Social media panels, domain sellers, cheap hosting, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not log any of your activity that you do online. Due to the decentralized nature of the platform and the infrastructure being based on the Tor network, it is impossible for us to know anything about the usage of your Zero Trace Phone. We have no information to provide any third-parties due to the fact that we simply do not keep a log of any data on our servers. All customer data provided during purchase is purged periodically and is inaccessible by any requesting party.

Zero Trace gives you access to more than 7,000 relays. Organizations running relays include universities like the MIT, activist groups like Riseup, nonprofits like Derechos Digitales, Internet hosting companies like Private Internet Access, etc. The huge diversity of people and organizations running relays makes it more secure and more sustainable.

You will have no problems passing TSA with the Zero Trace Phone. No one will even consider the fact that it’s nothing but a phone. We here at Zero Trace, travel with our personal phones constantly and have never faced any issue.

Zero Trace Phone: Under the hood.

Tech Specs


Full-screen 6.1-inch (156 mm)1 display, up to 60 Hz
20:9 aspect ratio
FHD+ (1080 x 2400) OLED at 429 ppi

Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3™ cover glass
Always-on display with At a Glance and Now Playing

High brightness mode
>1,000,000:1 contrast ratio
HDR support
Full 24-bit depth for 16 million colors

Dimensions & Weight

6.0 height x 2.8 width x 0.35 depth (in)
152.2 height x 71.8 width x 8.9 depth (mm)
6.3 oz
178 g

Battery & Charging

Over 24-hour battery life3 Up to 72-hour battery life with Extreme Battery Saver

Minimum 4306 mAh
Typical 4410 mAh

Fast Charging

Memory & Storage

6 GB LPDDR5 RAM 128 GB storage UFS 3.1 storage


ZT M9 security coprocessor


End-to-end security designed by Zero Trace

Multi-layer hardware security: security core, security coprocessor, and Validator (Trusted Execution Environment)

Minimum 5 years of security updates
Anti-phishing and anti-malware protection
Automatic security checks and privacy controls
Camera and mic toggles
Private Computer Core
ZT System Intelligence
Messages end-to-end encryption

Rear Camera

12.2 MP dual pixel wide camera
1.4 μm pixel width
ƒ/1.7 aperture
77° field of view

1/2.55" image sensor size
Super Res Zoom up to 7x8

12 MP ultrawide camera
1.25 μm pixel width
ƒ/2.2 aperture
114° field of view
Lens correction

Optical + electronic image stabilization
Fast camera launcher

Front Camera

8 MP
1.12 μm pixel width
ƒ/2.0 aperture
Fixed focus
84° wide field of view


Fingerprint Unlock with under-display fingerprint sensor
Pattern, PIN, password

Buttons & Ports

USB Type-C® 3.1 Gen 1
Power button
Volume controls

Sim Card

Dual SIM (Single Nano SIM and eSIM11)

Media & Audio

Stereo speakers 2 microphones Noise suppression

Connectivity & Location

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and 6E (6GHz) with MIMO

Bluetooth® v5.2 with dual antennas for enhanced quality and connection



[5G Sub 6GHz]14 Model GX7AS
GSM/EDGE: Quad-band (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
UMTS/HSPA+/HSDPA: Bands 1,2,4,5,6,8,19

LTE: Bands B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/14/17/18/19/20/25/26/28/29/30/38/39/40/41/42/48/66/71

5G Sub-614: Bands n1/2/3/5/7/8/12/20/25/28/30/38/40/41/48/66/71/77/78


[5G mmWave + Sub 6GHz]14 Model GB62Z15
GSM/EDGE: Quad-band (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
UMTS/HSPA+/HSDPA: Bands 1,2,4,5,6,8,19

LTE: Bands B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/14/17/18/19/20/25/26/28/29/30/38/39/40/41/42/48/66/71

5G Sub-614: Bands n1/2/3/5/7/8/12/20/25/28/30/40/48/66/71/77/78

5G mmWave14: Bands n260/n261 eSIM


Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3™ cover glass
3D thermoformed composite back with tactile alloy frame
IP67 dust and water resistance
Fingerprint-resistant coating


AR Ready

What's In The Box

Specification: Zero Trace Phone: All-in-One Tor Network Anonymous Phone + Anti-Surveillance Toolkit


APK Extension Application Compatible

Update Interval


Utility Applications & Features

KeePassDX, PGP Key, Sandbox, Storage Scopes, Secure Fingerprint, User Profile, Auditor, Element, K-9 Mail, iMessage, Tor Browser, MAC Address Spoofer, Zurf, Mic Jammer, Anti-Stingray, Scrambled Pin, Toggles, LTE-Only Mode, Collabora Office, Exif Scrubber, Private Screenshot, Anonymous Camera, AnonCamera, ZeroPlayer, Nitter, Stealth, Unstoppable Wallet, Location Alert, ZeroMaps

Hardware Add-Ons

Built-In MAC Address Spoofer, Deadman's Switch

Asset Storage

Non-Custodial Cryptocurrency Wallet

Support Priority

ZT PRO Support

Weight .14 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm
Zero Trace Phone: All-in-One Tor Network Anonymous Phone + Anti-Surveillance Toolkit
Zero Trace Phone: All-in-One Tor Network Anonymous Phone + Anti-Surveillance Toolkit


Zero Trace

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