Zero Trace Restore®


A premier service designed to ensure the utmost security and functionality of your Zero Trace device. Our comprehensive service package includes a device reset to original privacy settings, thorough security scanning for malware, checks for vulnerabilities due to physical or software tampering, maintenance of safe root access, and enhanced protection against new digital threats.

  • Device Reset: Restores your Zero Trace device to its original settings, optimizing the default privacy configurations.
  • Security Scanning: Conducts thorough scans to detect and remove any malicious files or apps installed by unauthorized third parties.
  • Vulnerability Checks: Addresses potential security breaches due to physical alterations or source code tampering.
  • Root Access Safety: Maintains your full control over the device’s source code while safeguarding against associated risks.
  • Enhanced Protection: Ensures the highest level of security and functionality, keeping your device safe from evolving digital threats.

From: $47.00

From: $47.00


Peace Of Mind. Guaranteed.

Reboot Back To Secure - Reset Back to New.

Step 1
Comprehensive Device Reset

Begin by returning your Zero Trace device to its original factory settings. This step ensures all privacy configurations are optimized for the highest level of security.

Step 2
Advanced Security Check

Proceed with our deep scan technology to detect and remove any malicious files or applications that might have compromised your device. This includes checks for any unauthorized physical alterations or source code tampering.

Step 3
Continuous Protection

Maintain ongoing security with our robust protection measures designed to defend against evolving digital threats. Enjoy safe root access maintenance that guarantees full control without security risks.

Step-by-Step Directions for Zero Trace Restore Service

Step 1: Shipping Your Device

  • After purchasing the Zero Trace Restore service, please securely package and ship your device to the following address:
    • 1870 N Corporate Lakes Blvd #267484 Weston, Florida 33326 USA
  • You are responsible for shipping and handling costs TO our facilities. Please ensure that the device is sent via a reliable shipping method, as Zero Trace only assumes responsibility for the product once it has been received at our headquarters.

Step 2: Initial Assessment and Communication

  • Upon receipt of your device, our team will conduct a preliminary analysis to assess the condition and security status of your device.
  • We will provide you with a delivery estimate and initial findings via email. You will be kept informed with a production status update as we progress with the restoration process.

Step 3: Security Analysis and Reporting

  • During the restoration, we will specifically look for signs of physical tampering or any external code that may have been added by someone in physical proximity to the device. It is important to understand that while our devices are extremely secure and challenging to compromise remotely, the primary vulnerabilities occur when those with physical access, including the super user, manually override our configurations or install tracking apps.
  • Once the security analysis is complete, we will compile a report detailing any significant findings. This report will be sent to you to keep you fully informed of the security status of your device.

Step 4: Finalizing the Restoration

  • After completing the security analysis, your device will undergo a thorough check against our security checklist to ensure all optimized settings are correctly saved and initiated.
  • We will confirm via email once the restoration process is complete and your device is ready to be returned to you.

Step 5: Return of Device

  • Once the restoration is finalized, your device will be securely packaged and shipped back to you – standard shipping costs for returning the device to you are included, however we will expedite the return if you selected an additional service at checkout. You will receive tracking information to monitor the return shipment.

By following these steps, Zero Trace Restore ensures that your device is not only restored to its optimal settings but also secured against any unauthorized changes or vulnerabilities. Thank you for choosing Zero Trace Restore to maintain the integrity and security of your device.

IMPORTANT Zero Trace reserves the right to cancel and refund any order if, upon assessment, we believe that the device poses a legal risk or that association with the device and your activities on it could potentially jeopardize our company’s standing. This measure is taken to ensure compliance with legal standards and maintain the integrity of our operations.

Specification: Zero Trace Restore®

Supported Devices

Zero Trace Pen®, Zero Trace Phone®

Zero Trace Restore®
Zero Trace Restore®


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