Zero Trace x Dark Web Present:

Zero Trace Charms®

Limited Edition | +200% Luck

Zero Trace x Dark Web Present:

Zero Trace Charms®

Limited Edition | +200% Luck

Included Charms

Zero Trace

Emblazoned at the forefront of our unique bracelet is the iconic Zero Trace emblem, symbolizing your commitment to digital privacy and security. In an era where every click, search, and download can be tracked, wearing this charm serves as a powerful statement of your dedication to preserving your digital footprint.

Tor Browser

Carry the torch of online freedom with the Tor Browser charm, a core piece of our device encryption. Each intricate line in this emblem represents the layered network that keeps your digital presence concealed and your identity safeguarded.


The XMPP charm is a tribute to open-source innovation and barrier-free communication. Representing a global standard for instant messaging and presence technology, this charm symbolizes the connection to the worldwide community and your support for collaborative, transparent tech development. It's a beacon for those who advocate for free speech and a decentralized digital ecosystem.


The PGP charm embodies the advocacy for unbreakable encryption and private communication. It's a symbol of trust in a digital age, representing the gold standard in securing emails and files. Anyone who is someone has utilized PGP at one point or another, whether it was through their Blackberry in 2010 or unknowingly by using Signal. This charm salutes the belief in privacy rights and secure correspondence in an interconnected world.


The Monero charm stands for financial privacy and empowerment. It represents the heart of transactional anonymity, a core tenet of the Monero cryptocurrency. This emblem is for those who champion the right to private, secure commerce free from prying eyes and unwarranted scrutiny. Monero is trusted by everyone to keep their payments anonymous, from darknet markets to politicians - Monero is a staple for the privacy activist.

Postal Service

The USPS logo charm symbolizes the crucial role of the postal system in the world of clandestine commerce, particularly within darknet markets. Esteemed for its adherence to stringent laws regarding parcel warrants, this emblem represents the trusted avenue through which the covert trade navigates. It's a subtle nod to the indispensable, yet often overlooked, backbone of a shadow economy that relies on the integrity and reliability of the postal service to bridge the gap between anonymity and the physical world.


The Uzi charm stands as a potent symbol of gun rights and the unwavering resolve to protect one's assets. It embodies the principle of taking decisive action to safeguard personal and financial interests. This emblem resonates with those who hold firm beliefs in the right to bear arms as a means of defense and a statement of autonomy in a world where security and freedom are paramount.


The drug charm serves as a symbol of empowerment in the face of restrictive pharmaceutical practices. It represents the right to secure necessary medications, whether for medical needs or personal use, in a world where inflated prices and insurance barriers often prevail. This emblem highlights the dark web's role as a haven for those circumventing the financial and regulatory confines imposed by pharmaceutical companies and insurance firms.

Credit Card

The credit card fraud charm reflects the abundant availability of credit card information in the shadowy corners of the dark web. It symbolizes the controversial yet unfettered free market these hidden networks provide. While not condoning its legality, the charm represents the raw reality of a world where information is a commodity and the unrestricted exchange of goods, legal or not, is a testament to the ultimate free market

Free WiFi

The free WiFi charm epitomizes the critical role of public hotspots in maintaining online anonymity and facilitating discreet digital activities. It stands for the strategic use of these access points to conduct transactions, communications, and activities that require an added layer of privacy, unattainable through personal networks.



Zero Trace Charms®

Limited Edition

Made with high quality stainless steel and enamel.

One size fits all.

Designed by ████ █████.


As a master jeweler blends precious metals and stones into a work of art, so too does this charm bracelet blend the essence of the digital underground into a wearable symbol of our era. Each charm bypasses ordinary symbolism, tapping into the deep, often unspoken realities of our digital age.

Our journey in creating this bracelet took a turn into the extraordinary. It began with a fleeting encounter in the realms of ██████ ███, where one ██ ██████ █████ █████ document on the dark web. This whispered tale, however, is merely the prelude to the bracelet’s true essence.

This bracelet is not just an accessory; it’s a talisman for those navigating the shadowy corners of the internet. It’s meticulously engineered to serve as a guardian against the unforeseen perils lurking in the depths of the web.

Each charm – the Zero Trace logo, the Tor Browser icon, the Monero emblem, and others – tells a part of a larger narrative. They combine to create something greater than their individual meanings, much like the harmonious blend in a symphony. The Uzi gun, the drugs charm, the credit card fraud emblem – every piece narrates a story of the digital maverick.

Designed for those who understand that luck is an art form, this bracelet is a source of fortune, helping its wearer stay always out of trouble, always in the right place at the right time.

In the end, this bracelet transcends its physical form. It’s not just about the charms themselves but what they represent – a culture, a movement, a way of being that defies conventional boundaries. It’s a statement of defiance, a badge of honor for the modern navigator of the unseen world. For those who wear it, it’s a symbol of their mastery over the complexities and challenges of the digital age.

Customer reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Zero Trace Charms® photo review
Amir K
January 23, 2024
Good quality, I never take it off and it's been holding up even in the gym
1 0
Daniel S
January 23, 2024
It's like they read my mind. I've been looking for Tor themed jewelry, but all of it's so corny. I'm actually proud of wearing this to school, everyon...More
It's like they read my mind. I've been looking for Tor themed jewelry, but all of it's so corny. I'm actually proud of wearing this to school, everyone asks me where I got it!
2 0
Carlos S
January 18, 2024
Bien hecho! Me llego hasta mejico en una semana! Y lo bueno es que cabe en cualqiuer muneca
0 0
DeShawn J
January 17, 2024
Bought it as a gift, my friend loved it, will probably buy one for myself soon now that I can see the quality is A1
1 0
Takashi T
January 16, 2024
0 0
Brian E
January 15, 2024
Looks great and easily adjustable to fit any wrist!! Glad I could support the project too. Privacy is needed now more than ever
0 0
Nimar K
December 19, 2023
Awesome design!!!
0 0
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