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Family Pen Pack®


x3 Zero Trace Pen

Get your family into privacy: help them secure, obscure and spoof their data with a Zero Trace Pen. This pack contains 3 Zero Trace Pens to introduce your family to the world of privacy.

This offer is limited to 3 packs per customer. 

    • Lifetime Updates
    • 40+ Pre-installed Privacy Apps
    • Built-In MAC Address Spoofer
    • Double Kill Switch (WiFi & RAM)
    • Cold Storage Cryptocurrency Wallet



4 in stock

Specification: Family Pen Pack®


Windows, macOS, Linux

Update Interval


Utility Applications

Aircrack-ng, Archive Manager, Audacity, Bookletimposer, Brasero, Calculator, Dasher, Disks, Document Viewer, Electrum Bitcoin Wallet, File Manager, GNU Image Manipulation Program, GtkHash, Help, Image Viewer, Inkscape, KeyPassX, LibreOffice, LibreOffice Calc, LibreOffice Draw, LibreOffice Impress, LibreOffice Writer, MAT (Metadata Anonymization Toolkit), Onion Circuits, OnionShare, Passwords and Keys, Pidgin IM Client, Poedit, Power Statistics, Root Terminal, Screenshot, Screenshot, Search For Files, Settings, Simple Scan, Sound Juicer, Sound Recorder, Synaptic Package Manager, System Monitor, Documentation, Terminal, Text Editor, Thunderbird E-mail Client, Tor Browser, Unlock VeraCrypt Volmues, Unsafe Browser, Videos, WhisperBack

Hardware Add-Ons

Built-In MAC Address Spoofer, Double Kill Switch (WiFi & RAM)

Asset Storage

Cold Storage Cryptocurrency Wallet

Weight .14 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm
Family Pen Pack®
Family Pen Pack®


Zero Trace

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