Zero Trace Pen: Starter Kit

Zero Trace Support · December 22, 2020

Achieving anonymity while browsing the internet is the main concern for many people; everybody wants to make their communications secure and private. However, few in the world have really achieved this objective and many are still facing difficulties and trying different techniques to achieve online privacy.

The Zero Trace Pen is another option. It got immense visibility after it was revealed that NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden used Linux to hide his identity while sharing NSA secrets with journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras.

How is Zero Trace Unique?

Unlike Windows and macOS, the Zero Trace pen is a live system that is designed to be used from a USB. Other operating systems are on the hard-drive and utilize the hard-disk space, whereas  Zero Trace runs via RAM. Thus, it leaves no trace on your computer/system. Zero Trace is a Debian-based OS. It has been designed to conserve your privacy and anonymity. It also comes with all the necessary applications, such as a web browser, messaging client, office suite, email client and more.

It does not depend on the host operating system or hard-drive. Since you can use Zero Trace via USB, it is a plug and play device. You can use it from your friend’s computer, public library or from anywhere. 

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